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Three dead in drone strike on Iraqi Kurdistan airfield

September 19, 2023

SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq: Three members of Iraqi Kurdistan´s anti-terrorism forces were killed on Monday in a drone strike that hit an airfield near Sulaimaniyah, the autonomous northern region´s anti-terrorism services said in a statement.

“Unfortunately the bombing killed three of our Peshmerga comrades from the anti-terrorist services” and wounded three others, the statement said, without identifying those behind the attack.

The drone strike targeted the Arbat airfield, south of Sulaimaniyah, from which planes used for pesticide spraying take off. A “thorough investigation” has been launched into this “terrorist crime committed by foreign servants and local spies”, the anti-terrorism services said.

“To protect the investigation, we will preserve the confidentiality of information. In the future we will reveal the truth to the people of Kurdistan,” it added. Attacks against Kurdistan´s security forces are rare. On Sunday, a Turkish drone strike in northern Iraq killed at least four members of the Kurdistan Workers´ Party (PKK), including a senior official, the Iraqi Kurdish authorities said.