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Medal winner Arshad to be given Rs5m cash award

By Abdul Mohi Shah
August 29, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Star javelin thrower Arshad Nadeem besides winning the hearts of millions of fans back home also got richer by Rs5 million which is the cash reward meant for the silver medalist at world event.

While the gold medal makes an athlete richer by Rs10 million, the silver medalist in any recognized world event is eligible to earn Rs5 million.

“Arshad is entitled for the cash reward of Rs5 million while we are also looking at how he can be accommodated both training wise and for his international exposure ahead of the Paris Olympics to be held in less than a year time,” a Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) official, when contacted, said.

The official hoped that with more training and better coaching facilities Arshad had the required potential that could win him the gold at the Olympics.

“With the help of concerned officials we would make maximum efforts to help him earn more laurels for the country in days to come.” Amid the jubilation of winning silver at the World Athletics, the flag controversy erupted where Arshad was seen running from one side to other to get the national flag and even ran towards an accompanied official/coach to get hold of the national flag but to no avail. While gold medal and bronze medal winners were seen carrying and kissing their respective national flags, there was no Pakistani flag for Arshad to carry.