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Proof: No more!

By Qammer Abbass Anka
April 05, 2016

“Three things cannot be long hidden; the Sun, the Moon and the Truth” (Buddha) Recently, a high ranking official of RAW named Bhoshan Yadav was arrested from Balochistan red handed. The arrest gave a jolt to RAW and brought international embarrassment to India. RAW's agent, a serving Indian Naval officer, has confessed to his involvement in fuelling unrest in Balochistan and sectarian terrorism and terror attacks in Karachi. Yadav has also confessed that he was planning a major attack on sensitive sites in Balochistan.

It has also been known that Yadav was sent by RAW with two special tasks, one was to work with sectarian militant organisations and second to spread sectarianism in Pakistan. The arrest has ultimately put a punctuation to the long-standing Indian demand of giving proofs of her involvement in abetting subversive activities in Pakistan. However, the incident was no surprise for those who understand Hindu mentality and India's acrimony towards Pakistan.

The partition of the subcontinent in 1947 was not willingly conceded to by the Hindus of India. They opposed it tooth and nail but their efforts proved in vain. The holocaust that followed in which one million people lost their lives and around four million had to flee their native land leaving all their property behind left deep scars on both Muslims as well as the Hindus. The agony was too severe to be endured by hardliner Hindu leadership, hence, they had decided to undo the perceived ‘wrong’ that had been inflicted on them. They perceived it as vivisection of Mother India and forceful division of Bharat. Hindu leaders believed that a ‘handful of converts’ had managed to divide India through the scalpel of Two Nation Theory and that they could not be allowed to get away with it.  The vengeful mind set of stubborn Hindus grew stronger and stronger with passage of time reaching unprecedented level in reign of BJP.

Gary Bass in her famous book titled ‘The Blood Telegram- India’s Secret War in East Pakistan’ published by Random House Publishers India Private Limited, Noida, 2013 unveils the covert plans to crack up Pakistan. She narrates: “In June 1971, Swaran Singh, India’s Foreign Minister, had secretly told his diplomats about other ways to crack up West Pakistan itself, by stirring up rebellion in restive areas such as Balochistan and the North-West Frontier Province - hoping to get those places to follow Bangladesh’s lead. After the success of Indian intelligence in covertly sponsoring the Mukti Bahini, Indian officials pushed to expand the use of the spy agencies more widely. Indian efforts to see Pakistan in fiasco have now focused on sub national and insurgency movements, especially in Balochistan".

  India's mourning on partition of India never pitched down. S. Radha Krishnan, a former President of India, felt that the division of the country was a grievous wrong which India was made to suffer. He felt that the leaders acquiesced in the Partition against their better judgment and the advice of Mahatma Gandhi. He also said that re-union of the two successor states of British India was necessary and inevitable.

Despite official denial, Indian leadership every off and then boasts of India's plans and active involvement to create fissures in Pakistan as a part of their national strategy to wipe Pakistan off from the world's map. 

Rahul Gandhi of Indian Congress Party during an election campaign in 2007 in Utter Pardesh brazenly said, "You know, when our (Nehru) family commits to a task, it also completes it. In the past too, members of the Gandhi family have achieved the goals they have initiated like the freedom of the country, dividing Pakistan into two, and leading the nation into the 21st century.” Similarly, last year, during visit to Bangladesh, Modi proudly admitted India’s role in fighting along Mukti Bahinis against Pakistani armed forces in 1971, a confession long awaited to correct the wrong perceptions and absolve Pakistan for fake allegations. While receiving the award of ‘Liberation War Honour’ on behalf of Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Modi said, “I was one of the crores of Indians who dreamed of an independent Bangladesh.” Modi’s confessions were further substantiated by Bangladshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina who said during the award ceremony, “In 1971, when the entire Bangladesh, under the leadership of Bangabandhu, waged the war of liberation against the occupational forces, we were fortunate to have India beside us.”

Many antagonistic forces manipulated by India and its notorious intelligence agencies are persistently conspiring against the unity and territorial integrity of Pakistan. With the CPEC coming to reality, these opposed elements are shifting the spotlight on the province of Balochistan, thus, making it a hub of their terrorist activities, evil schemes and roguish designs. These elements are making efforts to destabilise the province by promoting acrimonious sense of dissent, political volatility, sectarian violence, deteriorating law and order situation and arousing sentiments of separatism. It is an undeniable reality that India is leading terrorist activities in Balochistan by using the soil of Afghanistan, harbouring and financing terrorists and projecting them as freedom fighters. India through its strong shadows and foot prints in Afghanistan has always exerted to weaken Pakistan through its cronies like Baloch/Sindhi sub nationalists and other anti-Pakistani elements. Ex US Defence Secretary Chuck Hegel who in his talk on Afghanistan had remarked that India had been using Afghanistan as a second front against Pakistan and over the years financed problems for Pakistan. Similarly, General Stanly Mcrystal, Former Commander of ISAF, believes that Indian presence in Afghanistan will create security concerns for Pakistan. He states, “Increasing Indian influence in Afghanistan is likely to exacerbate regional tensions and encourage Pakistani countermeasures.” 

India cunningly uses its powerful media and internet to further her malicious campaign to burrow the solidarity of Pakistan by promoting anti-Pakistani elements like Allah Nazar. These and so many others are not only supported by India, but they are also given cover of human rights shield to attract international sympathies. 

India's Spy Master, Ajit Doval, under Modi’s direction, is directly masterminding the operations of RAW while taking dictation from extremist RSS. Since the rejuvenation of RAW under Hindutva centric BJP’s regime, its anti-Pakistani activities have escalated manifold. RAW at one hand is abetting anti-Pakistani rogue elements, including notorious terrorist organisations, to weaken Pakistan internally and on the other is leaving no stone unturned in maligning Pakistan internationally. RAW’s links with terrorist organisation, including TTP, are well founded which India has always been denying. Now with arrest of Yadav, India has no face to deny her malicious designs against Pakistan. International community who want to see a stable South Asia must come out of India's spell and condemn her for creating disturbance and instability in Pakistan. Let me remind famous saying of Martin Luther King, Jr, "The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”