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SLS School celebrates World Wildlife Day

By our correspondents
April 05, 2016


Montessori students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School marked World Wildlife Day, at the SLS, Peshawar Road, and Range Road campuses, says a press release. 

A special morning assembly was arranged for students of Junior, Senior and Advanced Montessori. The audience of students was a sight to see as all of them had their faces painted to represent a certain type of wildlife animal. 

Peshawar Road Campus Headmistress Naghmana Anjum gave a brief talk to her students about why this day is celebrated. She highlighted how each one of us can save wildlife, flora and fauna, by protecting natural resources, not wasting water, burning less fuel, by using paper bags instead of plastic bags and by not killing animals for fun or sport. She then invited her students to start the event. As the song “Jungle Rhythm” started playing, students dressed as ‘people of the nature’ danced a song dedicated to the coexistence of humans with nature. A quiz followed with the audience having to name a wild animal and take out its sound. A poem performance called “Walking through the jungle, what do you see?” had the audience and performers singing together ‘spotting’ different wild animals. A student of Advance Montessori said a few words on Animals Are Our Friends and how just like us they have a brain and can feel love and pain.  

A skit was presented at both campuses to create awareness about not killing the animals for fun or for their skin. Montessori students of the SLS, Range Road campus showed how animals used to live happily and peacefully until the hunters came to hunt them for fun and for their skin. They also cut down trees and destroyed the habitat. The end consequence showed a world without animals and plants and humans full of regret. Students were told that animals cannot speak for themselves so all of us have to be their voice. Range Road Section Head, Irum Jamal spoke about the theme of this year’s World Wildlife Day – ‘the future of wildlife is in our hands’ and urged students and teachers to make kindness to plants and animals a part of their daily life and not just a one day celebration.

Teaching compassion to young students can be a challenging task but with the help of poems, props, costumes and skits, small lessons can be imparted to young minds. World Wildlife Day was proclaimed by United Nations General Assembly in 2013 and is celebrated every year in March.