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Criticism in India for inclusion of Mushaal in caretaker cabinet

By Farooq Aqdas
August 23, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Former chief minister of occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Vice President of the National Conference Omar Abdullah has rejected the criticism of Indian leaders over the induction of Mushaal Hussein Malik, wife of Kashmiri freedom leader Yasin Malik, imprisoned in India’s Tihar jail for a long time, as the special assistant to PM on human rights.

Abdullah said that it was an internal matter of Pakistan to give a government position to someone on behalf of the government of Pakistan.

“We are not concerned about it and India need not be concerned either,” he told the media at the party headquarters in Srinagar on Tuesday.

Prominent Kashmiri woman leader and head of PDP, Mehbooba Mufti, said that Pakistan respects and honors those who work for freedom from Indian domination while, on the contrary, India insults its supporters like Sheikh Abdullah.

However, the general secretary of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and in-charge of occupied Jammu and Kashmir criticized the decision to appoint Mushaal Malik and claimed it showed Pakistan was harboring terrorism and terrorists. While the social media is also reacting in irresponsible terms to her appointment.

On the other hand, well-known analysts and observers in Pakistan have praised the decision of the government and termed the appointment important in connection with human rights issues and the background of the Kashmir struggle. They said people of all regions and provinces of Pakistan were represented in the cabinet of the interim government.

They said it was also a message to the people of India that Kashmir has not been forgotten by any government of Pakistan and symbolically shows that Pakistan supports the voice of Mushaal, who is fighting for a fair trial of her husband.

Mushaal Malik’s first meeting with Yasin Malik took place in Islamabad in 2005 when Malik came on a visit to Pakistan. They married a few days after the meeting.

Mashaal is about 20 years younger than her husband and for the last 5 years she has been applying for a visa from the Indian government. She has spent most of her married life alone, raising her daughter.