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Rs1.5 billion Sindh Smart Surveillance System launched

By Salis bin Perwaiz
August 07, 2023

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Sunday launched the Sindh Smart Surveillance System (S4) to secure Karachi and its borders. The project is yet another initiative of IGP Ghulam Nabi Memon to modernise the Sindh police department.

CM Shah launched the Rs1.481 billion system being installed at 40 toll plazas with the objective to establish a comprehensive and integrated municipal security solution for all the major entry and exit points connecting with other cities in the province.

The launch ceremony was organised by the Sindh police at the Sassui Toll Plaza, an important entry and exit point to and from Karachi and Thatta.

The ceremony was attended by Sindh Information and Transport Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon, Karachi Mayor Murtaza Wahab, IGP Memon, National Radio & Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC) officials and others.

The CM said on the occasion that this solution would enable effective monitoring of entry and exit points all over Sindh, provide reliable security, and integrate advanced technologies like facial and number plate recognition at 40 toll plazas with the existing Command and Control Centre at the Central Police Office Karachi.

Shah said the project aims to enhance security responses and seamlessly integrate with the Safe City solution. He also thanked IGP Memon for arranging the inaugural event. The CM said his government acknowledged the paramount importance of technology in governance, especially in policing.

“Embracing innovative solutions like artificial intelligence-based automated number plate recognition and facial recognition solutions, traffic management systems, and big data analytical tools will empower our departments to enhance the efficiency, transparency and effectiveness of field operations,” he said.

“Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari recognises that technology is a powerful tool in shaping a safer and more prosperous future for our citizens, and our government remains committed to fully leveraging its potential in our pursuit of better service delivery.”

Shah said that various Sindh government departments have undergone a remarkable digital transformation towards smart digital governance from education to health, agriculture, technology parks, land revenue, rescue and rehabilitation, public facilitation, and e-policing initiatives. “We are embracing technology to revolutionise the way we serve the people of Sindh.”

He said the Sindh government remained resolute in its vision to harness the power of technology to combat terrorism and other crimes to ensure the safety of the residents. Despite the pressing economic challenges, he added, his government has made significant investments in innovative projects of the Sindh police.

He mentioned the Safe City project, traffic cameras, upgrading data centres, and e-policing initiatives, earmarking Rs1.5 billion for S4, Rs476 million for smart traffic management cameras, Rs10 billion for Safe City’s phase-I, big data analytics and advanced analytical tools for the Counter Terrorism Department, and capacity-building of police stations.

The CM said that for the sustainability of technology projects, his government has earmarked an annual budget of Rs650 million for SLAs, adding that these investments reflect his determination to build a safer and prosperous Sindh, where the well-being of the people remains an utmost government priority.

S4 is a cutting-edge technological advancement that promises to revolutionise the Sindh government’s vision for a safe and secure province. Beyond its role in crime prevention and detection, S4 will also play a pivotal role in supporting the vision of the Safe City project.

The CM said his government is committed to supporting and realising their vision of transforming Karachi into a haven for its residents and a thriving hub for business investments.

He said that Rs10 billion has been earmarked to start the pilot phase-I, focusing on the red zone and the airport corridor. He added that Rs4.5 billion has already been dedicated to the project towards its successful implementation during the current financial year.

He appreciated the IGP and his entire team, including the NRTC, for their hard work and diligence in bringing S4 to reality. “I am confident that the S4 project will herald a new era of effective policing in our province.”

Sindh police chief Memon said on the occasion that these surveillance cameras would record footage of criminals that would be used in communication. “The way the chief minister trusts us, our accountability increases.”

The IGP pointed out that this surveillance system has also saved Rs150 million. He said that a committee comprising the best officers has been formed for the implementation of the project.

Besides the Sassui Toll Plaza, the surveillance system is being installed along the Lyari Expressway at the Hassan Square entry and exit points, the Gharibabad entry and exit points, the Mauripur entry and exit points, the Sohrab Goth entry and exit points, the Garden entry and exit points, and the Golimar entry and exit points.

S4 is also being installed at the NHA Hub Toll Plaza, the NHA Hub Toll Plaza (N-25), the Northern Bypass Gadap Town Toll Plaza, the Kathore Exit 04 Toll Plaza M9 Highway, the Karachi Toll Plaza, the Hyderabad (M-9 Motorway) Toll Plaza, the New Jamshoro Motorway Toll Plaza, and the Sehwan (M-5) Toll Plaza.

The project will also cover the Qazi Ahmed Amari Toll Plaza, the Petaro Toll Plaza, the Mehar Toll Plaza, the Rato Dero Shikarpur Toll Plaza I, the Shikarpur Toll Plaza II, the Kandkhot Sukkur Toll Plaza, the Rohri (M5) North Toll Plaza, the Pano Aqil Toll Plaza I, and the Pano Aqil (M5) South Toll Plaza II.

The system will also be installed at the Ghotki Toll Plaza I, the Ghotki Toll Plaza II, the Ranipur Toll Plaza, the Kandiaro Toll Plaza, the Moro Toll Plaza, the Saeedabad Toll Plaza, the Deokjae Toll Gate 2 (Mirpurkhas) Toll Plaza, the Deokjae (Tando Jam) Toll Plaza, and the Central Data Centre CPO (aggregation link).