Saturday April 20, 2024

US diplomat visits South Punjab

By Arshad Dogar
June 24, 2023

LAHORE: US Consul General in Lahore William Makaneole visited Muzaffargarh, Rahim Yar Khan, and Rajanpur, here on Friday. He was accompanied by Political Officer Kevin Ching and Political Assistant Daim Fazil. Mr. Makaneole held meetings with Deputy Commissioner Salman Khan Lodhi of Muzaffargarh, Deputy Commissioner Shakeel Bhatti of RY Khan, and Deputy Commissioner Mansoor Ali Khan of Rajanpur. The district officials briefed the visiting delegation on post-flood rehabilitation efforts, this year’s agricultural prospects, and the ongoing Katcha Area police operation. Additionally, the delegation visited Khawja Ghulam Farid University in RY Khan, where Vice Chancellor Prof Tahir Salman extended a warm welcome and provided an overview of the university’s progress over the years. The consul general also paid a visit to the PARCO Mid-Country Oil Refinery, where he received a briefing on refinery operations, storage facilities, and the pipeline network. Mr. Makaneole expressed that the purpose of the visit was to identify areas of collaboration between Pakistan and the US. He expressed a desire to explore and launch joint ventures between the two countries. Prior to that, the delegation visited the Khwaja Ghulm Farid Shrine in Rajanpur and met with the officials of the RY Khan Chamber of Commerce.