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Qureshi denies quitting PTI, gets interim bail in cases

By Nadeem Shah
June 18, 2023

MULTAN: Vice-Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that he has not quit the party and is very much part of it. He dismissed rumours of his departure from the PTI, calling for the release of innocent workers currently detained.

Speaking to journalists outside the Multan Additional District and Sessions Court, where he had gone to seek pre-arrest bail in cases on Saturday, he said that a total of 21 cases had been lodged against him, with 13 sections being imposed. He said that all the cases were baseless and fabricated, adding that he was not present in the city during the incidents on May 9.

Qureshi said that these cases would tarnish the reputation of the administration and violate its sanctity. He denied any involvement in any acts of vandalism and said that he had maintained a clean political record for 40 years. He expressed gratitude to the judge for granting him interim bail. He disclosed that a total of 21 FIRs had been lodged against him so far. Following his release from Adiala Jail, Qureshi was arrested again at the gate and experienced the conditions of solitary confinement, where he witnessed firsthand how a prisoner can find peace in such circumstances.

He revealed that during his confinement, he was not allowed any visitors, was kept on a mat despite suffering from backache, and experienced power cuts during the extreme heat. He mentioned his family’s long-standing involvement in politics for 100 years and praised the bravery of his daughter, who waited for more than five hours in the sun to see him. He clarified that his family traditionally refrains from going to courts and jails.

He saluted his daughter’s courage.He expressed pride in his son’s efforts to maintain peace and highlighted that false cases had been registered against him as well.

He said that his wife was hospitalised during that time, and he himself was in Karachi before being imprisoned in Adiala Jail. He reiterated that his conscience was clear, as he had not violated Section 144 or participated in any acts of vandalism. Qureshi questioned the involvement of a person in jail in any issue and criticised the lack of electricity and tap water facilities in the jail during the scorching heat of June. Despite his absence from Multan, cases were still registered against him, and he highlighted the harassment and detention of visitors and employees at his office by the police. He expressed gratitude to the legal community for their defence, saying that he was securing bail for the pending cases by the grace of Allah.