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Two held after KU students protest over canteen quarrel

By Our Correspondent
June 10, 2023

Police detained two persons and registered a case after a quarrel in the main canteen of the Karachi University (KU) caused tension on the campus on Friday.The incident sparked protests by students within the university premises as well as outside the campus, leading to a road blockade and a major traffic jam on University Road. The students were protesting against the two arrests made in connection with the case and voiced their concerns over the alleged influence of a relative of a Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) officer. The initial altercation occurred when a man named Adeel was sitting in the canteen and someone nearby asked him what time it was. Adeel did not like the manner in which he was asked to tell the time, and heated words were exchanged. Security personnel intervened to defuse the situation. However, later Adeel filed a case against Ehtisham and his friend at the Mobina Town police station.

According to Adeel, he was assaulted by the suspects, and one of them even fired a shot at him, fortunately missing its target. The university security arrived on the scene, causing the suspects to flee.The police clarified that the two arrested individuals involved in the violence were not students of the university and further action would be taken against them. Following the incident, a mobile van arrived and took Ehtisham into custody. It was alleged that Ehtisham had been picked up by CTD personnel, who identified themselves as close relatives of the CTD's senior superintendent of police. After several hours, Ehtisham was handed over to the Mobina Town police. Meanwhile, the Imamia Student Organisation (ISO) condemned the incident and accused the CTD police of acting as a private force. The ISO spokesperson claimed that a false FIR was filed against the student and criticised the university administration for failing to prevent police interference in the university's affairs. Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori took notice of the alleged police brutality against the students and called for an investigation into the matter.