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Foundation stone of new City Council laid at Bagh-e-Karachi

By Our Correspondent
June 09, 2023

Governor of Sindh Kamran Khan Tessori laid the foundation stone of a new building to be constructed for the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) City Council at Bagh-e-Karachi on Rashid Minhas Road on Thursday. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Tessori said that it is a great tragedy that the long-standing problems of the residents of Karachi are not resolved. The question arises why Karachi, the engine of the country’s economy, is being neglected continuously, he said. Residents of Karachi have nothing to do with the future of any political party, and they only want a solution to their problems, he added.

“The foundation stone of the new KMC City Council building in Bagh-e-Karachi has been laid today. Now it depends on the incoming mayor how soon he completes it,” he said, adding that not even once in seven months had he asked the Karachi administrator for any personal work. Karachi Administrator Dr Syed Saifur Rahman, Municipal Commissioner Syed Shujaat Hussain, Parks Director General Junaidullah Khan, Public Relations & Media Management Senior Director Ali Hassan Sajid and other officers were also present on the occasion.

Earlier, the governor and the administrator as well as residents of Karachi unveiled the plaque, and laid the foundation stone of the new City Council building at Bagh-e-Karachi. The governor said this is a city with a population of 10 million, but it has been counted until now as 15 million, so the funds are received according to this calculation. He said that if there is a correct census in the future, the number of members of the City Council will increase even more, so the new building should have a capacity of 600 to 800 seats.

The best press gallery should also be available in this building, he pointed out. He also said that the residents of Karachi must be included in the inauguration of all the government buildings in the city, and the ribbons should be cut by them. The governor said that there are many problems in Karachi: the roads and paths are broken, and the city is under the control of various mafias. He said that an honest man like the administrator has been given funds for the development of the city. If the money is not given to him, then who will get it, he asked. Tessori said that after a lot of struggle they have cleared Bagh-e-Karachi, which was previously called Aladin Park, from encroachments, and have begun developing a good park there with the cooperation of the Asian Development Bank. Dr Rahman said that immediately after taking charge as the administrator, he had told the governor that a new building of the City Council should be built.