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Jackal recovers in rehab centre

By Our Correspondent
June 06, 2023

Islamabad:The jackal rescued in a critical condition a month ago has made a full recovery at the Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre and will be released back into the wild this week. According to the details, the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) rescued the injured jackal from sector G-9 on the information of a local man. It was brought to the Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre at the Margallah Hills National Park (MHNP) for treatment and recovery.

When it arrived in the center it was in critical condition due to wounds and bleeding. But a dedicated team of veterinary doctors took care of it and helped it recover from injuries. The team has reviewed its condition and declared it healthy and fit to be sent back to its natural habitat. It is likely to be released this week in the national park.

The road projects being carried out near the boundary of the national park are causing wild animals to change their locations in search of food. Sometimes these animals come on roads and meet road accidents. Jackals and other wildlife creatures enjoyed a rare respite during lockdowns imposed by the government due to emergence of corona virus pandemic. Even some species of butterfly, not seen for many years, were also spotted at different locations of the national park.