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Oltmans asks government to invest in junior players

By Our Correspondent
June 03, 2023

LAHORE: Roelant Oltmans, who served as a consultant for the Pakistan junior hockey team during the Asia Cup, has called on the country's government to invest in junior players.The Pakistan junior team performed exceptionally well in the tournament, winning four matches, including the semi-final, and securing a place in the final against India. After a strong fight, Pakistan lost the final by 2-1. Pakistan have qualified for the Junior World Cup.

Oltmans expressed optimism about the future of Pakistan hockey, stating, "Unfortunately, we lost the final, but I am proud of this team. They gave their best throughout the tournament." While acknowledging that the Indian team is currently ahead of Pakistan, Oltmans in a message praised the resilience and determination of the Pakistani players, indicating a bright future for them.He emphasised the need for government and private sector support for the junior players, stating, "I would like to request the government and private sectors to embrace these boys. If these boys are given regular opportunities, they will bring back the lost glory."