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Katcha robbers ‘use US arms, trained by India’

June 03, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Trained by India, robbers in Punjab’s Katcha areas have American weapons, police officials informed the National Assembly Standing Committee on Rules of Procedure and Privileges. In a briefing, the officials said the robbers had more modern weapons than the police and they targeted the police from a distance of two kilometers. Many police officials have been martyred in the operation, the officials said, adding that the operation had started on April 9 and more than 58,000 acres of land was reclaimed from the possession of the bandits. The head of the committee, Qasim Noon, asked if the robbers had the weapons left behind by the Americans? The police officials confirmed that the robbers had American weapons and India trained them to use them. They said they had concrete evidence of it. The committee suggested the police should be given modern weapons which are available with the army and sent its recommendations to the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense Production.