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SEF kicks off week-long drive to create awareness of plastic pollution’s effects

By News Desk
June 02, 2023

The Sindh Education Foundation (SEF), an arm of the Government of Sindh, is embarking on a journey to raise awareness about environmental pollution by initiating a week-long celebration across all its district and regional offices and schools managed by the foundation.

This momentous initiative aligns with the theme of this year's World Environment Day, which centers around the crucial issue of “Prevention of Plastic Pollution”. The foundation aims to collaborate with the community, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to preserving and safeguarding the environment. Additionally, the SEF’s head office has announced plans to host a special event at a hotel in Karachi. Eminent environmental experts will be invited to enlighten the audience on sustainable practices, while schoolchildren from various educational institutions will be encouraged to actively engage in environmental improvement efforts. The event will feature tableaus showcasing the effects of climate change, accompanied by powerful messages. Under the theme “Beat the Plastic Pollution”, participants will receive essential awareness regarding the detrimental effects of plastic bags on the planet and its wildlife, as well as the harm caused by plastic water bottles to marine life. Emphasis will be placed on reducing plastic usage and promoting proper disposal methods. The significance of adopting eco-friendly alternatives, such as cloth bags, will be underscored.

Abdul Kabir Kazi, the managing director of the Sindh Education Foundation, inaugurated a dynamic campaign aimed at raising awareness about environmental conservation and sustainability. The campaign was officially launched on the foundation's social media platforms with the hashtags #goGreen and #SEF-CelebratingWorldEnvironmentWeek. This week-long celebration seeks to inspire the younger generation, youth, and local communities to actively contribute towards improving the environment for themselves and future generations.

In alignment with the World Environment Day theme of “Prevention of Plastic Pollution”, the SEF is committed to combating the detrimental effects caused by plastic pollution. Throughout the week, the foundation will organise a diverse range of activities and events to engage and educate participants. These initiatives will encourage individuals to embrace eco-friendly alternatives and proactively work towards reducing plastic consumption. Additionally, tree plantation drives will be emphasized, highlighting the paramount importance of reforestation in combating climate change.

Abdul Kabir Kazi expressed his enthusiasm for the campaign, stating, “We firmly believe that small steps can lead to significant change. By instilling environmental consciousness in our youth and communities, we can collectively make a substantial difference and create a sustainable future for generations to come.” The SEF has invited everyone to join them in celebrating World Environment Week and contribute to the global effort of preserving our planet for future generations.