Friday September 22, 2023

Transport dept decides to remove CNG kits from school vans

By Our Correspondent
May 31, 2023

The Sindh transport department has decided to launch an operation for the immediate removal of CNG kits from school vans and coasters operating across the province. The decision was taken at a meeting on Monday with Information and Transport Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon in the chair.

The meeting further decided to initiate a crackdown against all illegal bus stands throughout Sindh and to take strict action against individuals involved in this menace. Registration of criminal cases against such individuals will be a part of the crackdown.

Memon instructed Transport Secretary Saleem Rajput to draft letters addressing the relevant divisional commissioners and deputy commissioners, urging them to take immediate action against the operators of illegal bus stands. He emphasised the importance of prompt action to tackle this issue.

The meeting also reached a decision to initiate the process of registering FIRs against those operating illegal bus stands. The authorities decided to prioritise the immediate removal of any illegal encroachments from bus stands belonging to the transport department throughout Sindh and to seek assistance from the relevant authorities in order to effectively address this issue.