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By Our Correspondent
May 28, 2023

--- the fact that the government has reduced the prices of petroleum products, so there should be a corresponding decrease in the prices of most, essential daily items. People say unfortunately, this has not been the case even during previous petrol price cuts, so the government must follow up on the price reduction by ensuring the vendors are actually lowering prices and not trying to fleece the people as these persons are quick to jack up prices but not lower them.

--- the HEC library in Islamabad which lacks adequate resources, with just one table and ten chairs and no quality books and recent journals. People say there should be an environment good enough to facilitate the students with internet connections and technical assistance, so the HEC should take care of the irony inherent in the situation as it stands today, since a regulatory body of higher learning is managing a library that is not good enough for even lower learning.

--- how there should be a law to control the unbearable and deafening music and songs played in public transport as it can distract the driver and may cause an accident. People say besides this, the taste of music differs from person to person and a driver’s choice might not be pleasing to everyone as some drivers play less-than-decent songs which leads to fights between the passengers, who ask the staff to stop such songs and are told to mind their own business.

--- the fact that child labour, a persistent and deeply concerning problem, continues to destroy the innocence and potential of millions of children, as this reprehensible practice denies them their fundamental rights, perpetuating a cycle of poverty, illiteracy and inequality. People say education is the key to breaking this cycle of child labour, so we must recognize that to fight it is a shared responsibility, requiring the commitment and collaboration of governments, businesses, civil society organisations and communities.

--- how the main reason for the increase in crime is the large population of under-privileged residents who struggle to make ends meet and live in informal settlements where they lack access to basic services, while a small upper class enjoys all the amenities of life. People say this class divide has created a sense of resentment and frustration among the poor and contributes to social unrest, so solving the crime problem will require a multi-faceted approach that goes beyond mere policing.

--- the disappointing National Games that are supposed to be a quadrennial celebration of Pakistan’s top athletes and which were held in Quetta after nineteen years. People say, across the world, sports are a symbol of soft power but Pakistan lags behind in this, partly because, as it soon became evident, sports federations don’t do enough, so the organisers should ensure that the next time the games are held they become a nationwide celebration and are not a mere sideshow.

--- the carcass of a blue whale, in the bloat stage of decay, which is drifting towards the coast of Balochistan’s coastal town of Jiwani and can explode anytime due to which the coastal authorities have alerted the local residents to stay away from the ballooning body. People say as this could pose a serious health hazard to the local population, why did the authorities not try and stop the carcass from drifting further inward by using modern techniques.

— I.H.