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Growth linked to balanced economic, social system

By Our Correspondent
May 27, 2023

LAHORE: The youngsters and women in Pakistan have full hope for a bright future for the country, but for this it is necessary to adopt a balanced economic and social system at all levels while state priorities towards education, training and reading habits can help to resolve many social issues.

These views were expressed by the PhD scholars in Jang Economic Session on ‘What youth and women thought about socio-economic growth dream’. The discussants were Raheel Nazeer Chawala, Khawar Razaq, Ms Ifra Zafar, Ms Lubana Khalid and Prof Sumera Lodhi while moderated by Sikindar Lodhi.

Prof Sumera Lodhi said there is need to see whether we have a dream of economic development or not? Old curriculum is being taught in universities and colleges while there is need to look at the global education system. In developing countries, some young people think positively and some negatively while there is need to change their thinking and bring women forward for the betterment of the country. There is need to introduce modern technology in accordance with the youth requirements. After getting online degrees, youth want an online job. There is need to direct the youth dreams.

Khawar Razaq said that strong society could not be built with poverty-stricken people. Human forgets ethics in poverty while Pakistani people have become economically, socially and morally weak. Transparency in the economic situation is essential and need to face social and economic challenges together. The trust is a big problem in the business sector due to weak morals, even in online business, people do not have trust, many business areas are suffering from lack of trust. Youth need to clarify their thinking. Pakistan has everything and just have to look at the economic and social goals separately because both have different challenges.

Ms Ifra Zafar said that intolerance was growing among people due to current disturbing situation. Pakistani people have become economically so weak that they take to the streets after a person. Pakistan needs to focus on education and create vocational training centres to improve the situation in the country. The programmes like Benazir Income Support are making people lazy. We have to encourage people towards technical education. The tax evasion, corruption and poverty are on the rise in the country while the GDP is on decline and the production sector is virtually ignored. Everyone should play role in improving the societal norms and values instead of waiting for the government actions.

Ms Lubana Khalid said that Pakistan is rich in natural resources and have many opportunities for development. In current situation, a national government under national spirit should be made feasible in the country so that it works under national spirit and not for specific political purposes.

Keeping in mind the national interest, the agreement of the Charter of Economy should be ensured. Engineers, educational institutions are doing billions of rupees businesses but not paying the due taxes.

There is need of introducing reforms to increase the tax net.