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May 9 attacks black stain on country’s history: CM

By Our Correspondent
May 26, 2023

LAHORE:Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi Thursday, visited Central Police Office Lahore, Police Lines Qila Gujar Singh, Yadgar-e-Shuhada Cantonment, Mustafaabad Kasur, Punjab Rangers Headquarters and SSP Shaheed Ashraf Marth Police Lines, Gujranwala.

He visited the memorials of the martyrs, laid floral wreaths and offered prayers for their elevation in ranks. Chief Secretary, IGP and ACS (Home) also placed flowers at the police martyrs' monument. A police contingent saluted the martyrs. Mohsin Naqvi also met with the families of the police martyrs. He gave instructions to the authorities concerned to address their issues. He paid tribute to the police martyrs. Addressing the Martyrs' Honour Day ceremony, the CM stated that the martyrs' sacrifices serve as a guiding light for the nation and emphasised that their mission of ensuring peace in the homeland would be continued.

He condemned the May 9th violent incidents, considering them a black stain on Pakistan's history. ‘Today is being celebrated to honour the martyrs who were insulted on May 9 and the government will not sit idle till the arrest of the last miscreant. No other thing will be done until all the perpetrators are caught’, he added. Mohsin Naqvi said that every miscreant is being traced with the help of the Pakistan Army and intelligence agencies. Mohsin Naqvi vowed to make Capt Asfandyar Shaheed Chowk and Yaadgar Memorial in Faisalabad a memorial square of Pakistan, and those responsible for damaging the memorial boards in Rawalpindi would not be spared. Those who insulted the martyrs deserve the worst punishment.

Nations that do not value martyrs, cannot be exalted in the world. He commended the efforts of the IG police and his team in addressing pending cases and working for the welfare of the martyrs' heirs. Mohsin Naqvi met the families of the martyrs, listened to their problems, and issued instructions on the spot for their solution. Addressing the martyrs' day ceremony at Police Lines, Qila Gujjar Singh, he assured that the problems of the martyrs would be solved on a priority basis. He said that on May 9, the enemy was pleased by desecrating the memorials of the martyrs by the miscreants. Mohsin Naqvi laid flowers on the martyrs' memorial in the cantonment.

He laid flowers at the memorial of the martyrs of Khem Karan in the 1965 war at the Baba Mole Shah cemetery in the Mustafaabad area of Kasur and recited Fatiha for the martyrs.