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Smuggled petrol, other items seized

By Our Correspondent
May 25, 2023

Personnel of the Pakistan Customs Enforcement Karachi in their operations against smugglers during the last 20 days seized smuggled Iranian petrol and other smuggled items worth Rs792 million.

Collector Customs Enforcement Amir Thehem in a media briefing at the Customs House stated that the Collectorate of Customs Enforcement had initiated a crackdown against organised networks involved in the smuggling of Iranian diesel and petrol in particular, and other goods in general.

During the last 20 days, the anti-smuggling organisation operating at different places seized huge quantities of Iranian diesel, non-duty paid smuggled vehicles, essential commodities and other miscellaneous merchandise.

The collectorate intercepted 14 transporting oil tankers containing 262,247 litres of Iranian diesel and petrol. The diesel and petrol being smuggled along with the vehicles were seized. He added that 21 non-duty-paid smuggled vehicles, including luxury cars and jeeps, valuing Rs209 million had been seized during the above period.

The collectorate also seized a huge quantity of other smuggled commodities, including betek, gutka, cosmetics, cigarettes, almonds, soap and dry milk. The total worth of abovementioned smuggled goods amounted to Rs792 million. Moreover, in a statement, the collectorate said it had increased vigilance on the movement of essential commodities in order to thwart any possibility of smuggling such commodities out of Pakistan. Resultantly, two cases of sugar concealed in secret cavities of buses were detected and seized.

At the same time, the collectorate said it was not oblivious to any chance of hardship caused to the genuine and bona fide transportation of these essential commodities to the bordering areas of Pakistan. Therefore, due diligence was being ensured in checking and verifying the permits issued by district administrations.