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Punjab govt can remove Imran, wife from Al-Qadir Trust

By Asif Mehmood
May 14, 2023

LAHORE: The Punjab government can remove both Imran Khan and his wife as trustees of the Al-Qadir Trust under the Charities Act, 2018.

The government can appoint administrators of the trust after the involvement of Imran Khan and his wife in corruption cases. Sources said the license issued by the Punjab Charities Commission to Al Qadir Trust had expired on February 16, 2023.

Sources said the Charities Commission might write to the board of Al-Qadir Trust to remove Imran Khan and his wife. If the board refuses to remove them, the commission will call the board and hear its position.

If the board officials cannot satisfy the commission with their decision, it can recommend the name of administrator of the trust, which will be given final approval by the Punjab government. Earlier, Al-Qadir Trust ADCR Jhelum, after clearance from the Special Branch and CTD, was registered at the Punjab Charities Commission under the Trust Act 1882 on February 17, 2022. Sources said that the new registration of Al-Qadir Trust will be under the Trust Act 2020, for which clearance has not yet been obtained from the Special Branch and CTD. Sources said that after the registration under the Trust Act 2020, the land in the name of Al-Qadir Trust will remain in the name of Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi. But before clearance from the Special Branch and CTD for the new registration, an administrator can be appointed by removing them.