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Entrepreneur Fahad Asad breaks stereotypes as social media influencer

April 01, 2023

Islamabad:Dubai-based Pakistani entrepreneur, Fahad Asad, has successfully transitioned from the business world to becoming a popular social media influencer. With 1 million Instagram followers, 35,000 TikTok followers, and 300,000 video likes, Fahad’s engaging content on politics, social issues, and sports has captured the attention of a wide audience says a press release.

Aspiring to defy traditional influencer stereotypes, Fahad believes in simplicity, clarity, and audience focus for content creation. His growth on social media demonstrates that anyone with innovative ideas and determination can thrive in the online world.

Fahad is committed to developing content that addresses social and home concerns, political situations, and sporting events in a digestible and goal-oriented approach. With ambitious plans for the future, he aims to reach 10 million followers across his social media accounts, driven by the feedback and support from his growing fanbase. “For me, the primary motivation lies in progress itself. As influencers, we need the impetus to think creatively,” Fahad says about his creative process. “The feedback we receive from fans, their interactions with us, and the exchange of messages fuel this drive.”