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‘Noor Jehan’, ‘Madhubala’ being shifted from Karachi to Lohibher park

By Our Correspondent
April 01, 2023

Islamabad:Two elephants—Noor Jehan and Madhubala—will be shifted to the Safari Park from the Karachi Zoo where these are spending miserable life due to lack of facilities.

According to the details, the federal government is taking keen interest in safety of these elephants and now all the stakeholders have decided that both of them would be shifted to the Safari Park.

An official has informed that an international non-governmental organisation Four Paws has reviewed the medical report of elephant named Noor Jehan and told the Pakistani authorities that it is ready to provide medical treatment to this ailing elephant.

“The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has sent a letter to the Four Paws and urged it to provide technical assistance to shift elephants from the Karachi Zoo to the Safari Park. Hopefully, its team will arrive soon and take care of both the elephants,” he said.

The letter sent to the Four Paws stated “It is indeed a matter of great encouragement that your team Four Paws International has shown interest to extend its assistance for treatment of ailing elephant Noor Jehan at the Karachi Zoo after physical checkup.”

“It is also applaudable that you are already in touch with the technical team of the Karachi Zoo and advising them best treatment for the elephant. The health condition of elephant (Noor Jehan) is not good and we seek your timely help,” it said.

Head of Prime Minister’s Strategic Reforms Salman Sufi has said “The KMC has officially requested Four Paws for their assistance to improve treatment of elephant (Noor Jehan) and the visas have been applied. We are coordinating with the foreign office for the visa processing. In meantime all possible treatments are being administered by KMC.”