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Man held for harassing women in Korangi

By Our Correspondent
April 01, 2023

A Korangi police team on Friday apprehended a man accused of harassing and teasing women in the area. The suspect, identified as Javed Akber, was arrested after putting up resistance during a police raid at Bengali Camp in Korangi.

According to Station House Officer Malik Amir, the arrest was made after the police received several complaints from locals, particularly women, who claimed that the was harassing and engaging in immoral activities with women in different areas of Korangi. The police had been investigating the matter for several days after a video of the accused involved in immoral acts with women had gone viral on social media.

The investigation showed that Akber was a drug addict and involved in the sale of narcotics in the area. He confessed to engaging in such activities after being intoxicated, expressed regret and sought an apology for his actions.