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Thaw in KSA-Iran ties to benefit Pakistan: Ashrafi

By Asim Yasin
March 28, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Ulema Council Chairman Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi has said the resumption of Iran-Saudi Arab relations is a good omen for the Muslim world and the role of Pakistan’s great friend China in this regard is commendable.

“The resumption of relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iran is good news for the Muslim Ummah, and it is necessary for the strength of Islamic countries to stop sectarian and foreign interference in the affairs of Muslim countries,” he said while talking to media here on Monday.

He said the restoration of Saudi Arabia-Iran relations would bring many benefits to Pakistan and the Islamic world had to solve its problems through unity. He said Saudi Arabia, China and Russia should also play their role in Palestine and Kashmir.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have the same position on the issue of Palestine that until an independent Palestinian state is established, relations with Israel cannot be thought of. In response to a question, he said Saudi Arabia was the centre of the Islamic world.

“The role played by Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad bin Salman under the patronage of Khadim-e-Harmain Al-Sharifain Shah Salman bin Abdulaziz is being appreciated all over the world for the cause of peace,” he said, adding that the Ummah must take practical measures against the atrocities on Palestinians and Kashmiris.

The stance of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on the issues of Palestine and Kashmir is clear. He said Israeli atrocious practices towards oppressed Palestinians were increasing and Israel was not recognizing international laws and resolutions and the same was the situation in IIOJ&K.

He said the religious diplomacy at the global level was a requirement of the prevailing situation. Pakistani clerics are in contact with the leadership of all Islamic countries and other religions to spread the peace message of Islam.