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Bid to smuggle mobile phones, liquor foiled

By Our Correspondent
March 28, 2023

Personnel of the Pakistan Customs Collectorate at Jinnah International Airport on Monday foiled a major attempt to smuggle mobile phones and liquor worth over Rs10 million.

According to Syed Irfan Ali, a spokesman for the customs, the smuggling attempt was thwarted when customs staff stopped a passenger named Shehryar Amjad Butt, who had arrived in Karachi from Dubai on Emirates Airlines flight EK 600.

Upon suspicion, the passenger was questioned about his luggage and whether there were any prohibited or taxable items present. When the luggage was scanned, mobile phones and liquor were discovered, leading to a complete and detailed examination of the goods in the presence of the passenger. A total of 68 iPhones, eight liquor bottles, and 212 packets of food supplements were seized from the bag, with a total value of Rs1,05,98,68. The passenger was arrested under the Customs Act and his remand was obtained from a court for questioning.