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Sale of grocery items peaks during Ramazan

March 27, 2023

Islamabad: With the holy month of Ramazan, the demand for grocery items has witnessed a rise where retailers were seen doing brisk business and offering several promotions on various consumer goods at competitive prices to attract more customers.

"Ramazan is considered one of the best sales seasons in which retailers will maintain more stock and get ready early by launching various special offers and promotions, a retailer said while talking to a private news channel. Housewives are busy with Ramazan shopping, as with the start of the Holy month they cook Sehri and Iftari for family members, said a consumer, adding, we are rushing to markets and shopping marts to purchase necessary kitchen items on discount rates.

"Ramazan is also an appropriate time for brands and other local companies to take advantage of the shift in consumer behaviours, lifestyle habits, and overall mindset", The shops selling dates and other kitchen items witness an increasing turnout of customers as the month of Ramazan is fast approaching, said a shopkeeper in a grocery store. The sale of groceries is witnessing high demand in Ramadan as many traders will start offering discount promotions to attract citizens, said a woman at the grocery store, adding, every year we used to purchase groceries one week ahead of Ramazan.

A female consumer at the shopping mall said that the sale of Ramazan groceries has begun in full swing, adding that she had shopped much of her groceries a week before Ramazan begins in order to stock up for Iftar meals. Another buyer said the quantities of kitchen items we buy are a little more than usual, adding, many consumers prefer to buy in bulk during Ramazan, rather than to make multiple short trips to the mall.

Daily essentials such as rice, pulses, eggs, milk and basic spices have been flying off market shelves and the quantities which people have been purchasing have been higher than usual, the storekeepers added.