Friday June 21, 2024

Undignified burials

March 26, 2023

Throughout Pakistan and particularly in Karachi, the graveyards are extremely overcrowded. Secondly, the charges for funeral services and burials are extremely high. Somehow, deaths have become a lucrative source of income for many. Demanding a large sum of money from the families of the dead, who are grieving at that moment is an extremely insensitive thing to do.

Not even the dead rest easy in Pakistan. If the graveyards are fully occupied, regardless of the fact that they have been declared closed by the government, their space continues to be utilized. All one has to do is pay the right amount. Those running such graveyards usually pick the untended graves and demolish them with the intention of reusing that area to bury a new body. The government should address this situation by taking actions against this injustice and by establishing a proper graveyard system as soon as possible.

Momina Emad