Wednesday May 31, 2023

Pitiful excuse

March 26, 2023

Out of many excuses the PTI chief has made for not appearing in court, one is that he is 71 years old and the government still lodges cases against him. First, security threats were highlighted as the primary reasons. But they did not work. The PTI themselves made it look like a real security threat when Imran was escorted by his supporters to the courts. However, if a man stands on containers for hours and leads rallies then he is not unfit. Age is a lame excuse for not appearing in court.

If a man is fit for the country’s premiership and for leading a big political party then he is also fit to face accountability no matter his age. The PTI should face the music like the then opposition did during its tenure in power. There will be no rule of law if those who call themselves champions of law don't follow it.

Anwar Sayab Khan