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Civil society members decide to continue process of rapprochement

By Our Correspondent
March 24, 2023

LAHORE: The Punjab Assembly elections' postponement, as well as possibly the KP Assembly’s, has exacerbated the political rift and negatively impacted efforts by civil society (The Mediators) to persuade political parties to come to an amicable agreement on holding free and fair elections through the proposed APC.

The Supreme Court will now decide the constitutional problem as the final legal arbitrator, according to a news release from The Mediators on Thursday.

“Regardless of the result, a constitutional crisis must be avoided and the Constitution's authority must be upheld, notwithstanding any contradictory consequences for opponents who may otherwise prolong political instability to unsustainable proportions. "Whether elections are held in one go or in installments, they must uphold the free and fair exercise of the right to vote of the people of Pakistan in an inclusive and transparent electoral process in the larger interest of a plural democracy and federation diversity.

"Regardless of the increased difficulty, the non-partisan role of The Mediators in particular, and civil society and democratic movements in general, in ensuring free and fair elections has become even more difficult.

“According to our judgment, the road to fair elections will face more twists and turns, and we, as an informal organisation for political mediation, must be prepared to pursue our unfinished mission of pursuing a reconciliation process for a smooth democratic process.”