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Ousting Imran from polls to add to Pak woes: Khalilzad

By News Desk
March 22, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Former US ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad said Tuesday the ruling coalition in Pakistan wants PTI chief Imran Khan disqualified from contesting election and his party banned.

Khalilzad tweeted, “There are indications that Pakistan’s parliament, which is controlled by the governing coalition, might well ask the Supreme Court to disqualify Imran Khan from running for election and even prohibit PTI in the next few days.”

The former ambassador said. “The government appears to have decided to set up Imran Khan as Enemy No 1 of the State. Such steps will only deepen Pakistan’s triple crises: political, economic, and security. Already, some countries have suspended planned investments.”

Khalilzad said, “The IMF support remains doubtful. If the steps mentioned take place, international support for Pakistan will decline further. Political polarization and violence will likely increase. I hope the Pakistani political leaders rise above destructive petty politics that undermine the national interest. If not, I hope the Supreme Court says no to being used in games that undermine the nation’s interests. I am becoming increasingly concerned about Pakistan.”

A twitter user responded to Khalilzad’s tweets, saying, “This is how lobbying works, you pay a firm to buy influential people to talk in your favor. PTI has again done a fabulous job.”

Another twitter user said, “After losing his job at State Department, Zalmay Khalilzad sb has now started his job as a lobbyist!”