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ASA to resolve faculty, students issues at IIU

By Our Correspondent
March 21, 2023

Islamabad: Faculty members’ representing the body of International Islamic University (IIU) vowed to play their role for the welfare of the community as well as the students.

In a statement, the faculty body stated that the public interests would be given preference over personal interests. “Being President of Academic Staff Association (ASA), to work for the development of the university and the welfare of the teachers would be among her most fundamental goals,” said Dr Asma Gull, candidate for president of academics panel in the association elections scheduled today (March 21).

She reaffirmed that as a female office bearer she was more aspirant to give special focus on women’s campus problems along with equal attention to the male campus issues as well. The upcoming body is composed of senior professors, associate professors, assistant professors and lecturers.

Currently, the IIU faculty is going through different kinds of problems. The body claimed that all will come to an end through legal solutions without creating any kind of disharmony among the staffers and administration. “Our basic aim is to improve the quality education at the university so that the students could get the best possible education,” Dr Gull stated.

General secretary’s candidate Dr. Ehsanul Haq said that the IIUI was constantly struggling for the development and solving the problems of teachers. “Many issues are in different stages for the completion of which the selection of the academicians is the need of the hour,” he said.