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Better traffic management on Srinagar Highway demanded

March 20, 2023

Islamabad: Mismanaged car queues are causing traffic congestion on Srinagar Highway due to car parking alongside the road of the popular weekly bazaar at H-9 Sector.

The mega shopping bazaar and most visited place of the metropolis lacks proper management and coordination to make visitors park their vehicles properly. The entrance and exit to the parking remain overfilled, bungled, and aching especially on Sunday which causes an unmanageable traffic load for officials and market staffers.

Visitors prefer to park vehicles along with Srinagar Highway, service road, and 9th avenue to seek easy entrance and exit after their shopping. Kashif Raza a visitor to the market said that the parking area remains occupied and the customers have to reach their cars on foot while carrying heavy packs of groceries. He said that to avoid inconvenience citizens prefer to park their cars on the main road. Another visitor Saima Khursheed commented that citizens prefer shopping from the weekly markets as prices of essential commodities are reasonable.