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Brain performance improves during Ramazan

By Our Correspondent
March 20, 2023

LAHORE: Along with health benefits Ramazan also brings mental and spiritual satisfaction, as brain cells also increase in number during Ramazan and brain performance increases.

Due to the reduction in cortisol levels during Ramazan, tension and psychological stress are reduced. Addressing a workshop at a hospital, General Cadre Doctors Association Punjab President and Public Health Consultant Dr Masood Shaikh said some 25 percent of the world's population is Muslims who live in more than 200 countries of the world and some 61.7 percent of Muslims live in Asia-Pacific region, which faces epidemics of diabetes and obesity.

He said sick and pregnant women should consult and follow their physician's advice before starting fast. Dr Masood Sheikh said fasting reduces obesity, heart ailments and strokes. He said fasting decreases the size of stomach. He said toxins leave the body and have a positive effect on health.

He said during fasting such changes occur in the body, and the body gets more energy even with less food, and this process continues even after Ramazan. About dates, Dr Masood said that eating three dates after breaking the fast is very useful.

These dates are among the best foods that contain some of the most essential fiber that aids in digestion. Dates contain potassium, magnesium and high B vitamins, and dates are one of the healthiest fruits.

To reap the best benefits from Ramazan, it is important to start preparing for Ramazan in advance. GCDA Vice-Presidents Dr Muhammad Shahbaz & Dr Adnan said those who take the medicine three times a day should adjust taking medicine twice a day in consultation with their physicians.

Dr Alia, Assistant Professor of Gynecology King Edward Medical University, said the people who have recurrent bladder inflammation should get a urine test done before Ramazan and if necessary get a urine culture.

Some people may have asymptomatic bacteriuria and can be diagnosed with this test. It is important for pregnant women and lactating mothers to check their blood pressure and sugar before breaking the fast and if it is normal then fast; otherwise, in Islam such women can fulfil this obligation by fasting later. If normal food is used in Sehar and Iftar, it can reduce weight in obese people and especially in women, hormonal problems can also reduce thus offering disease reduction in PCO in women.

GCDA Secretary Dr Munir Ghauri & Dr Rana Rafique said diabetics should take their insulin in the morning and the evening and should use 70/30 insulin.

People who have problems with stomach ulcers should minimise the consumption of acidic foods, vinegar, mayonnaise and Chinese sauces, all of which cause acidity.

Milk is acidic so use curd instead.

Dr Asad Abbas Shah said brown flour bread should be used instead of flour bread or whiteflour. A lipid profile (cholesterol test) should be done once a year in Ramazan, especially for those people who have heart and stroke diseases in their family, because for this it is necessary to abstain from food for 12 to 14 hours. He said those who have undergone gall bladder surgery need to avoid fat in Sehar so that they do not complain of indigestion throughout the day.