Thursday April 25, 2024

No water supply in Hyderabad today due to repairs

By Aftab Ahmed
March 19, 2023

HYDERABAD: The Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) of Hyderabad said on Saturday that all three talukas of the Hyderabad city would be affected by a supply cut due necessary repairs of a main supply line, advising consumers to store water for the day.

According to the announcement issued by Media Cell of the HDA, in connection with the necessary repairs of the 54-inch diametre supply line coming out of the New Filter Plant located on Jamshoro Road and the 24-inch diametre coming out of the 1MGD Filter Plant, the main supply system of WASA will remain closed for 24 hours from 6am on Sunday to 6am on Monday.

As a result of this cut, all areas of the Taluka City, Latifabad, and Qasimabad will be affected.

Managing Director WASA Anjum Saeed inspected the repair lines along with the relevant engineers on Saturday. He directed that the repair work should be completed in the shortest possible time so as to avoid inconvenience to the customers.

In the statement, consumers are advised to store water according to their needs so that they do not suffer due to the water shortage.