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Why dictators, judges not condemned for unconstitutional steps: Senator Irfan

By Asim Yasin
March 18, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Irfan Siddiqui of PMLN Friday expressed his disappointment over the Senate’s resolution passed at the end of its Golden Jubilee celebrations saying it failed to condemn dictators and judges who violated the Constitution.

“The resolution did not fully reflect the sentiments expressed by the majority of the members in the Upper House of the Parliament”, he said while talking to the media. Senator Irfan Siddiqui said when the draft resolution came to his notice, he submitted an amendment to the Secretary Senate which stated, “This august House condemns all military dictators who abrogated, subverted or held in abeyance the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, usurping the fundamental rights of the people of Pakistan. Furthermore, the House condemns the so-called judges who endorsed these unconstitutional actions by violating their oath, justifying the actions of dictators and allowing them to play with the Constitution according to their ill-motives”.

He further said many members of the Senate, including Farhatullah Babar, Rukhsana Zuberi, Raza Rabani and Aitzaz Ahsan, had expressed similar views. However, despite the request to the Chairman Senate to present the amendment, permission was not granted.

Senator Siddiqui expressed his disappointment over not being allowed to present his amendment and said, “We should bring forth these historical facts”. “If we cannot even talk about the past, what is the use of sitting in such an august house”, he remarked.

He said a large majority of the members of Senate called for a “Hall of Shame” to be created along with the “Hall of Fame”. “A mural should also be made where the names and pictures of the shameful characters are engraved who played with the Constitution for their personal motives,” he said.

He said he wants his amendment be a part of the history through media. He acknowledged the media’s role in making the nation aware of Senate’s objectives during the three-day celebrations.