Monday June 17, 2024

‘Islamophobia represents false sense that rights of Muslims do not matter’

By Our Correspondent
March 17, 2023

Islamabad: Dr Samina Yasmeen, Director, and Founder, the University of Western Australia's Centre for Muslim States and Societies, has said that Islamophobia represents a false sense that Muslims are outside the system and their rights do not matter.

Dr Samna was delivering a keynote address online at a Roundtable Discussion to commemorate the “International Day to combat Islamophobia” organised here by the Institute of Strategic Studies (ISS).

Prof Samina warned that this can have generational impacts, particularly on children. Peace and cooperation in society can be achieved if Muslims themselves become agents of change against Islamophobia in society, she concluded.

Furthermore, tools needed to be given to both Muslims and non-Muslims by engaging educational institutions especially in Muslim minority countries to work together and come up with new counter-narratives to address this issue, she continued. Dr Yasmeen underscored the importance of building “partnerships” to foster better mutual understanding and combat Islamophobic attitudes.