Thursday April 18, 2024

US to enhance trade with Pakistan: diplomat

By Asif Mehmood
February 24, 2023

LAHORE: US Embassy Deputy Public Affairs Officer Carl Rogers has said his country will continue every possible cooperation with Pakistan for its economic, social and educational development.

He expressed these views during a visit to the Jang office. US Consulate Digital Media Coordinator Fareena Alam also accompanied him. Mr Rogers said vast opportunities of cooperation existed between the two countries. “The US government is ready to promote bilateral trade. The two countries have been partners for 75 years. They share a vision of common interests and values,” he added.

Carl Rogers said the US was the biggest market for Pakistani exports. “US direct investment in Pakistan has increased by 50pc, which is the biggest in a decade,” he said, adding that the whole region would benefit from the bilateral trade and investment. “The US government has played an active role to help Pakistan diversify its exports, encourage businesspeople and empower women financially,” he maintained.

He said the US had deep relations with Punjab in many fields. “The US Mission hopes to widen relations between the two countries for deeper cooperation and a prosperous future,” he concluded.