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Murree shuttle buses providing relief to visitors

February 05, 2023

Islamabad : A fleet of buses laced with the latest facilities and offering minimum one-side road trip fare to the popular tourists resort of Murree is providing relief, comfort, and exhilaration to families.

The much-needed initiative was taken under the direction of Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif to provide quality transport services to the families, heading towards the picturesque hill station.

According to Assistant Operational Manager Malik Tariq Mehmood, they were running a three-day shuttle bus service from Friday to Sunday at the most affordable and minimum one-side fare of Rs100 only.

The shuttle bus service is free for people of 65 years of age besides, and children upto 12-year-old are also being provided with fare-free travel.

He informed that these buses ran from 9am to 6pm on three days from Bara Kahu bus stop, while on the way, they had two stops at Lower Topa and General Bus stand.

The people intending to visit Murree could reach Bara Kahu Metro Bus stop via Green buses and from where they could enjoy travelling in these quality shuttle buses equipped with LEDs and comfortable seats, he added.

The initiative also draws huge appreciation from the general public and it is hoped that the service would not only reduce traffic congestion in Murree, but also prove as environmentally friendly.