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Italy condemns attacks abroad, home

January 30, 2023

ROME: Italy’s government on Sunday denounced a series of attacks on its diplomatic missions in Europe, following protests at home over the fate of a jailed anarchist.

A government statement Sunday said it was “following with concern and attention these new cases of violence against our officials and diplomatic representations. Anarchists have mobilised throughout Italy in recent weeks to protest what they say is the harsh prison treatment of 55-year-old anarchist Alfredo Cospito, on hunger strike since October and now in poor health. “Such actions will not intimidate institutions,” the government said, without mentioning Cospito or any anarchist groups.

“Especially not if the aim is to have the harshest detention regime relaxed for those responsible for terrorist acts.” Cospito was sentenced in 2014 to nearly 11 years in prison for shooting a nuclear power company executive in the knee. He is also serving a 20-year sentence for setting two explosive devices outside a police training barracks in 2006 where no one was injured. Since April, he has been subject to Italy´s strictest prison detention regime usually reserved for top mafia members at a prison on the island of Sardinia.