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Senior medical teachers greeted over promotion

By Our Correspondent
January 29, 2023

LAHORE : Punjab Institute of Neurosciences (PINS) Chairman Board of Management Prof Dr Anjum Habib Vohra on Saturday has expressed his satisfaction on awarding Grade 21 to the senior medical teachers.

He added that by encouraging the teachers associated with the medical profession and promoting them to the next grades is indeed a good omen by which physicians will be able to improve their professionalism.

Chairman BoM Prof Anjum Habib expressed these views while congratulating Principal PGMI/AMC/LGH Prof. Dr. Al-freed Zafar, Prof of Medicine Dr. Ghias un Nabi Tayyab and Executive Director PINS Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood on getting promotion to Grade 21 in their respective posts.

Prof Anjum said that there is no doubt about promotion of education, professional education and training of young doctors and valuable services of teachers cannot be compared with financial interests, however official promotion to next grade for a civil servant is no less than a high honor. They are encouraged to perform their duties with more sincerity and dedication but for the search for a better future, these professionals also have to perform their duties with more effort and skill, Prof. Vohra added.

He said that the promotion in Grade 21 is a reflects that the above mentioned three Professors have a high reputation and individual distinctive position in their respective fields who have given thousands of students to the medical field with the treatment of millions of patients. He appreciated that students of these Professors have now have their own identity due to the specialisation in the field and now they are becoming a source of continuous service to help the suffering humanity.

Prof Anjum said that the health sector is also a way to earn good name in this world as well as in the hereafter. He prayed for their further success in life and offer them is all out cooperation as well Prof Al-freed Zafar, Prof. Ghias un Nabi Tayyab and Prof. Khalid Mahmood thanked the Chairman BoM Dr. Anjum Habib Vohra and called the congratulatory words about them an honour.