Wednesday April 24, 2024

Terror tribulations

January 29, 2023

Pakistan has been under the cloud of terrorism since the 9/11 incident. Ever since Pakistan joined the US alliance against terrorism, we have not seen a year go by without a major terror attack. Pakistan abided by the alliance at the cost of its national security and economy. Although we launched a number of anti-terror military operations, a lasting peace remains elusive. Lately, the militants appear to be regaining their foothold in Pakistan. The TTP has called off its ceasefire with the government and terrorist attacks are on the rise.

It would appear that the law-enforcement agencies have taken their eye off the ball and stopped short of eradicating this menace when they had the chance. We cannot make the same mistake. If there is no hope of resolving the problem through dialogue, we have to get on the offensive before things get out of hand again.

Abdul Moiz Dar