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Drones start monitoring traffic

By Our Correspondent
January 20, 2023

LAHORE:Regular traffic monitoring and surveillance with drone cameras have started while traffic monitoring and surveillance unit has also been established in the Coty. The problems of road engineering, encroachment, one-way traffic and wrong parking have also been observed from the drone cameras. Traffic management can be improved with drone monitoring, said CTO Dr Assad Malhi.

Traffic monitoring with drone cameras has formally started in City. CTO Dr Assad reviewed encroachments and wrong parking on Hall Road, Mall Road, Data Darbar, and Shah Alam Market. SP City Shehzad Khan and President Hall Road Babar Mehmood were also present.

The CTO said that drone technology will be used during road blocking, protests, smoky vehicles, one-way traffic violations will be monitored regularly.

Road engineering problems were also observed with drone cameras, he said, adding problems like wrong parking and encroachments will be identified and their immediate possible solutions will be ensured by drone monitoring. Videos will be saved indicating the traffic problems, and video records will be provided to the relevant departments to solve the traffic problems, the CTO said and added a traffic monitoring and surveillance unit has also been formed for this purpose.

Mall Road, Jail Road, Canal Road and Ferozepur Road and Model Roads will be continuously monitored by drones. Traffic management can be improved with drone technology monitoring, modern technology is very important for improving traffic management, modern technology will be fully utilised for possible solutions to traffic problems, he said.