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Role of women entrepreneurs in economic growth

January 15, 2023

By Zaiba Talib

Micro-entrepreneurs play an important role in the economy of any country. Women are also part of micro-entrepreneurship, running their businesses while supporting their families. All over the world, and also in Pakistan, women are heavily involved in small entrepreneurship such as beauty salons, boutiques, interior design, fashion design, restaurants, and handicrafts.

Women play an important role in the growth of every country’s economy, and governments in both developed and developing countries are committed to empowering women through constitutional laws and giving women equal freedoms and rights with men.

But today, through many programmes and with support from the government and other sectors, women are given equal opportunities to work side by side with men in society through their entrepreneurial skills.

Maria Butt, Musarrat Misbah, Salina are among several women who are successfully running their businesses and contributing to Pakistan’s economy. Pakistani women are likely to work in harsh environments and can face multiple problems. Pakistani women, especially the next generation of women, are far more interested in entrepreneurship, and most of them, whether from rural or urban origins, are interested in business.

This means that with perfect business knowledge and sufficient financial support from households and financial intermediaries, women want to pursue entrepreneurship. If a woman wants to start a business or has an idea for a business, one should encourage her to start her own business. If the government provides adequate guarantees to women entrepreneurs, it will be very beneficial to Pakistan’s economic growth and help empower women. —Zaiba Talib