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5 gamblers held

January 09, 2023

Rawalpindi : Police have arrested five gamblers staking money on cock fight and recovered a stake of Rs3,400, four mobile phones, and two roosters from their possession during a raid here on Sunday.

According to the police spokesman, the arrested gamblers were identified as Raqib, Fida, Khawar, Tahir, and Zubair.

Kahuta police registered separate cases against all of them and further investigation was in progress.

SP Saddar Nabeel Khokar appreciated the performance of the police team, saying that gambling is the root cause of other crimes and that the crackdown will continue against those involved in such crimes.

Meanwhile, Rawalpindi police have arrested 34 professional beggars from different areas of the city.

SSP Operation said that the crackdown against professional beggars will be continued without any discrimination. — APP