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CTP raising awareness among bikers about use of safety helmet

January 06, 2023

Rawalpindi : City Traffic Police (CTP) Rawalpindi under their ongoing campaign are raising awareness about use of safety helmet among motorcyclists.

According to City Traffic Oficer (CTO) Taimoor Khan, CTP were running a special campaign aimed at raising awareness about traffic rules, road safety and use of safety helmet. A large number of road users were also briefed about traffic rules, road safety and use of helmets during the campaign.

Mobile Education Units of CTP arranged special briefing sessions on road safety and use of safety helmets at different educational institutions and other public places in the city, he added. In order to make the campaign more effective and meaningful, traffic wardens and officers had also been issued special instructions, he said adding, Education Wing of Traffic police was making efforts to spread awareness so that the road journey could be made safe and sound.

Special efforts were made to educate the road users regarding traffic rules and road safety, he added. The CTO urged the people to cooperate with traffic wardens as they were on the roads to facilitate them. A special squad was also available to help and facilitate the citizens on Helpline 1915, he added.

He said, civilized nations always observed traffic rules. The citizens should have knowledge about road safety and traffic rules that must be observed on roads. All traffic issues could be resolved by observing traffic rules which were for the safety and protection of the road users, he said.

Traffic signals should not be violated as such violation with negligent driving might lead to fatal accidents, he said and informed that the traffic police was also disseminating information on various roads and traffic signals in all tehsils of the district in order to

educate citizens about traffic rules, signals and the damages caused by traffic violations.