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First disciple, now mentor turns out to be thief: Talal

By News Desk
December 16, 2022

ISLAMABAD: Senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) Talal Chaudhry has said that Toshakhana is the biggest scandal in the history of Pakistan.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, Talal said whether Bushra Bibi is political or non-political, she is a thief, adding that first the disciple turned out to be a thief, now the mentor also turned out to be a thief.

The PMLN leader said that there had been new revelations in the Toshakhana scandal. Bushra Bibi received gifts of Rs6 billion from two Arab countries, fake receipts were made in the name of Bibi every few days, local media reported.

“Imran Khan Sahib, along with his Murshid, did not go to perform Umrah, but to take gifts,” he claimed.

Imran Khan received gifts worth Rs6 billion from two countries while he sold these at Rs30 million, he said adding that receipts were made in the name of Bushra Bibi.

He stressed Imran Khan sold the gifts in violation of rules.

“Imran Khan hid his daughter’s name in the details given to the Election Commission. Khan Sahib! Sadiq and Amin do not involve in illegal activities.”

Imran Khan went on a looting spree after coming to power, he said, adding that he stole Zakat and a watch.

The PMLN leader said that the one who went to Hijaz (holy place) with bare feet kept selling the gifts he found there. “If there was the state of Madina, Khan would have been stoned to death, not made the prime minister,” he added.

He stressed the need for working for public welfare and about the measures to mitigate sufferings of poor.