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Pregnant women more susceptible to smog

By Our Correspondent
December 11, 2022

LAHORE : The smog has posed a serious threat to human health and has become a hot topic for research and the public. Pregnant women and fetus are more susceptible to environmental factors including smog pollution than the general population. Senior citizens, children and the sick people are also easy target of environmental pollution.

These views were express by the Principal of Post Graduate Medical Institute and Ameerud Din Medical College Prof Al-Fareed Zafar while talking to media representatives on the topic of smog. He urged that air pollution can affect the health of the pregnant women and the developing baby and disrupting the baby’s growth. Pregnant women who live in polluted areas may be more likely to experience early or preterm labor.

He stated that outdoor air pollution from smog may increase the risk of Preterm labor and other problems, such as low birth weight, underdeveloped lungs in the baby, and death of the baby during or shortly after birth.

In the answering questioning session, he told that smog pollution directly affects infants and has a long-term effect on their health conditions when they grow up, including hypertension, cardiac disease and type-2 diabetes, etc.

Prof Al-Fareed Zafar highlighted that Smog triggers asthma attacks and severely worsens asthma conditions, such patients may be badly affected from smog that may increase the ratio of Lung Damage. He declared that symptoms of smog are wheezing attacks, chest tightness, shortness of breath, frequent exposure to pollutants, obesity and Allergies like Coughing and Irritation in Chest, Eyes, Throat and Nose.

Principal PGMI said that people should use environment-friendly consumer products, reduce, reuse and recycle the waste materials, and the authorities are responsible to formulate and implementation the systems for smog detection and monitoring and look an close eye in lowering and managing industrial and vehicular emissions to control smog.

Secretary health inspects cleanliness, facilities in four cities: Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department (P&SHD) Secretary Dr Irshad Ahmad paid visits to four health facilities including DHQ hospital Sheikhupura, RHC Kharianwala, THQ hospitals Shahkot and Sangla Hill of Nankana district on Saturday to inspect cleanliness and other healthcare services to the patients.

Dr Irshad during inspection to the DHQ hospital directed the management to immediately dispose of all garbage lying in a container and other places from the hospital. Hailing the rejoining of janitorial staff to the duty after ending their strike, the secretary health said that their salary would be paid by the PMU in a couple of days. He also inspected the trauma centre being constructed and directed the CEO health to expedite the completion of project.

During inspection to the Rural Health Centre Kharianwala, Dr Kamran Yousaf was found absent from duty upon which the secretary expressed displeasure and directed CEO health to inquire the matter and submit a report. The Secretary also visited THQ hospitals Shahkot and Sangla Hill wherein he inspected working of AIDS and Hepatitis clinics. He inquired the patients about healthcare. He found trauma centre was being constructed at slow pace.

Secretary health directed its early completion and revamping of THQ hospital Sangla through funds of health council and PMU.