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Drive to keep Islamabad clean and green

December 08, 2022

Islamabad: In order to keep Islamabad and clean and green a, the citizens of Islamabad should also come forward voluntarily along with CDA to play their positive role in this regard. Waqar Zafar Bakhtawari shared these views with the participants who came to clean the park in F-8/2, says a press release.

He said that in the last few years, CDA has developed parks in the whole of Islamabad of international standards, now it is our responsibility to make these assets of the city green clean and beautiful. He along with friends and colleagues started a self-cleaning campaign by holding a broom and tried to highlight this awareness at the public level that we should not leave everything to the government and institutions. He further said in his address that as a first step we are starting from F-8 and F-7. He encouraged the residents of F-8 and F-7 to come forward in this campaign and play their part. He said that today we have started in F-8/2 Park and tomorrow we will continue this work at 3 pm in the park of F-8/1.