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Wild poliovirus found in DIK, Lahore sewage samples

December 07, 2022

ISLAMABAD: The National Polio Laboratory at the National Institute of Health, Islamabad, has confirmed the detection of type-1 wild poliovirus (WPV1) in two more samples collected from DI Khan and Lahore in November 2022. An official of the NIH in Islamabad told The News that the first positive sample was collected from DI Khan while the fourth positive was taken from Lahore this year.

Giving details of the DI Khan sample, the official said the ecological sample was collected on November 19, 2022, from the "Sherpao and Zafarabad composite site." This is the first positive sample from Dera Ismail Khan this year. The last positive environmental selection from the district was detected in August 2021.

The district's last wild poliovirus case was reported in December 2019, he said, adding that this site drains into four UCs with a total population of 190,412. The district's polio campaign (November SNID) is currently in progress. The genetic sequencing results are under process.

As far as Lahore is concerned, the official said the sample was collected on November 17, 2022, from the "main outfall GES site." This is the fourth positive sample from Lahore District this year.

"One positive sample was detected in July, two in August, and one in November 2022." The last wild poliovirus case from the district was reported in July 2020. This site is draining nine UCs with a combined population of 337,771. The district's previous polio campaign (November SNID) was conducted last week. "The genetic sequencing results are under process," he added.