Tuesday February 07, 2023

Now or never

December 05, 2022

It is time for the ruling elite to realize that their deeds, from1953 onwards, have driven this country to the brink of collapse. They need to stop using conspiracies, anti-Western jingoism and religious extremism to take the Pakistani people for a ride. This has led to a system where the people die in riots and suffer from economic instability, while the elites live it up in subsidized housing, SUVs and gold courses. If there is to be austerity in Pakistan, it is the elites who should bear the brunt of the burden, not the ordinary Pakistani who has been struggling even when times were ‘good’.

Furthermore, the elites must abandon the practice of trying to stay in power longer than they are wanted or needed. This trend began with General Ayub Khan and the country has suffered for it since. If the elites do not change their ways then collapse will no longer be a threat but our destiny.

Ali T